Whispers of Light: May 17, 2020

Tonight, I discovered a shining star hidden in the invisible pages of life. Oh that tiny little light, so often hidden within the glare of city lights, I happened to watch it peek out. Its not often I get to witness a true miracle.

That little light. Had no idea it broke though so many layers of darkness. Just like when the sun begins to rise over the horizon. Its stunning and its takes your breath away by its glorious natural wonder as it breaks through every barrier of darkness.

That seemingly invisible light had something very wise to say. "Love is very valuable to people that barely had love". I was floored by that incredible bright light spoken in a tiny written whisper, landing its way into the echos of my mind while finding a resting place in my heart.

Sometimes a whisper of light, is able to break every barrier of dark shadows and can penetrate the deepest layer of frozen ice.



To be -Cont-

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