On a Wing and a Prayer: May 28, 2020

Sometimes I get a little lost in the shuffle of life. So many things need to be done. I look around and I forget to see what is right in front of me. In the middle of a pandemic, I find myself forgetting to enjoy little things.

For example. I didn't notice the little thoughtful things my own sister has done for me. I don't see the obvious sometimes. Things that are directly in front of me. I have been blessed with an amazing sister. She drives me bonkers. Then again what family doesn't experience the phenomena called "family" dynamics.

I'm a middle child. My sister Julie is the oldest. I think the reason why I get along with AF so well is that he is also the oldest in his family. I understand the oldest. I defer to my sister and I am a wonderful peacemaker. I hate to fight. It bothers me.

AF is also very much a peace-loving soul. He isn't a real bulldozer. He can however get his point across when he is in a zone to speak his mind. I happen to love that about him. He knows how to speak in a way that is always kind.

Getting to the gist of why I wrote this.

I know I don't pray as much as I should. Most often my prayers are sent on a wing to heavens window. I would send it to the door. However, with my luck it would sit there for a week. So I figured I would send it through the window. On the wing of a dove. I often heard Doves are God's favorite birds. So up and away my prayers go.

AF has truly been the answer to a prayer I made many years ago. I had no idea God would answer it. I had no idea he remembered when I had long forgotten. Sometimes prayer is answered not in the timely manner we demand or ask. I have to say. I am eternally thankful to God for opening my eyes to this answered prayer I made many years ago.

So sometimes when all you have is on a wing and a prayer. Sometimes, Just sometimes, that prayer returns and is answered in a most divine and magical way. I just wanted to point out AF is that answer for me.

-stay tuned-

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