"School" Sweethearts! May 14, 2020

Updated: May 16, 2020

Wow, its 2020 and here I am dating my "School" Sweetheart. I'm so happy and proud that AF last night joined me in the same School I am attending. He is following his own dreams. He has career goals and aspirations of being a freelance artist. The man can sketch and draw and even color digitally and paint. He is more than just an artist. He is also an Illustrator.

AF has so much knowledge about art and technique and current technology, its pretty amazing watching him work his magic. He truly has the touch of genius in all that he does.

He told me about an online school a few days ago. I decided to research it. I discovered the cost is right in my budget. Its very cost effective. So I signed up for 6 classes.

I think its important to mention my 2 career aspirations. After I'm finished with my classes. I hope to then go on and become:

1. Published Author

2. Online Educator

I can't begin to describe what its like to get a Second Chance at Life as well as a new Career. I feel like its Christmas again. Oh I'm not saying life is perfect. I am saying the Journey is just truly beginning and its so very worth it.

The best part of this journey? is I get to take AF with me. I sure hope he wants to enjoy this magical journey called Life, with me at his side. I sure want him by my side. Hand in Hand, he and I can weather any storms that arise.

I'll be back soon. -Stay Tuned-

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