Being Thankful:May 16,2020

I sat last night and truly wrote out the things I am thankful for. Not just a simple abstract gratitude list. I made it personal and I made it for just 24 hours. (one day). Its taught me to look at the things that are a gift. The people in my life. The smiles I received. A hug I shared. Breakfast with a dear friend. Puppy kisses and Cuddles. My mom and dad. My amazing sister. My best friend who called to just touch base. My new notebooks. Pens and Paper. Last but never least, My very special boyfriend, and his very kind and loving text messages. Things I am guilty of taking for granted.

In the middle of a pandemic I had forgotten to just stop and reflect. To just say a simple "Thank you". Its only 2 words, but It shaped the way I look at life and love. It set my mood and my mind on the right things.

I wrote my list at 11 pm last night. I must admit it was hard in the beginning. To write just the things I was thankful for, for just 24 hours. I didn't live in the past. I didn't live in the future. I was living in the moment of the here and now. The Present.

I woke up today. I felt ready and raring to greet the day. It's early where AL is. I can't wait till he wakes up. I would love to share the entire list of my "Thank you" with him. He happens to be part of that 24 hour list.

Well, i'll be back tomorrow.

-stay tuned-

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